About Me

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Jonny – a Daddy of three lovely children living in Manchester with my wonderful wife Karen. The kids are Tessa, Tilly and Toby and here they all are:

As Toby hits 8 and a half months old I’m taking shared parental leave – 13 weeks off work in my job as a solicitor. I’ve decided to do this blog as I’ve not seen much online from other Dads who’ve taken shared parental leave and I think it’s important to spread the word and give an insight into the realities of a Dad being at home with the kids! I’m planning on throwing myself into it and going out of my comfort zone – baby classes, school runs, and everything else that comes in between! I want to give a true account of all that full on parenting entails and hopefully encourage other men to look at shared parental leave as a viable option and something they can look to do and cherish.

Aside from that, I also want to record my time off as a keep sake for the kids, and for me! All too often with kids your memories can pass you by and whilst you may have photos galore stored on a phone or a computer, the context behind those photos, what the kids might have said and other brilliant memories can quite easily get lost in the ether! This way they can look back at my time off with them at their leisure in years to come. I’ve also set up an Instagram page @bethedaddy where you can see what the kids and I get up to on a more day to day basis. Feel free to give me a follow. Anyway – I hope you enjoy sharing the journey with me – see you on the other side! Jonny